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on the streets or the beach."

I contacted the sergeant in charge of the local licensing police. At first he was strangely coy about the activities at "The Flicks", but finally admitted that he had been deterred from entering the premises by the aggressive attitude of the staff.

In response to my probing, the owner of "The Flicks", Larry Danielson, came to confront me with some complaints of his own.

A former jazz musician, now in middle age, Danielson had a sallow cmplexion and the slightly exaggerated mannerisms of a showman. He sat in my office, fidgeting with a large signet ring while delivering a smooth, well reheared patter.

His argument was simple: Manly needed top class entertainment. As an experienced entrepreneur, Danielson had applied this knowledge and money in a rejuvenation of the old theatre. It was his plan to develop a wide range of entertainment to suit all age groups--special shows would be put on for pensioners and business men, as well as teenagers. A restaurant would be developed in the foyer. Despite such good intentions, all kind of obstacles had been placed in his path by short-sighted local people.

Why was I bothering hin?   He pointed an accusing finger, and looked directly at me for the first time. I responded calmly, saying that I had simply made representations on behalf of some of my constituents

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