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        Several days later, at the appointed hour, we met the council delegation in the foyer of the leased building in Macquarie Street which housed the Ministry of Planning and Environment.   Gavin Anderson was accompanied by two other Warringah councillors, their Chief Planner, and Deputy Planner.   The two officers were carrying the bulging files.   We went up in the lift together to the seventh floor, where I told the receptionist that we had an appointment with the Minister and we were soon admitted to see Landa and two of his advisers.

        We sat around a coffee table, on which the files were heaped.   The   minister was characteristically impatient.   "What's all this about?" he said, jabbing a finger at the impressive pile of documents.

         "Well Minister," I responded, " It's a complicated matter and perhaps it would be best to let the council officers explain it."

        At this Anderson jumped in, giving a brief history of the matter, asking for the Minister's approval, and quickly handingover to the planners.

        The experts started into a detailed exposition of the merits of the proposed change of use of the site.   They quoted from the files, slowly working through the pages.   The rest of us sat back and listened to the flow of technical jargon.

        After about ten minutes, Landa glanced at his  

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