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chosen profession. During the next year, come what may, some time would be kept aside to complete my research and to write a thesis. Whatever the voters might decide, I would be a biologist first.

Wran had won another overwhelming victory. Not only would he command an even larger majority in parliament, it also appeared that yet another Liberal leader would be deprived of his own seat.

According to the  Sun Herald:


"If Mr McDonald is beaten it will be the fourth Liberal Party leader to be defeated by Mr Wran. The first was Sir Eric Willis, then came Mr Peter Coleman, and then Mr John Mason resigned to be replaced by Mr McDonald.

"The winning smile of former Lord Mayor Nelson Meers was wearing thin last night as his chances of winning the seat of Manly slipped away with every vote counted.

"After one of the most expensive and elaborate campaigns in State political history -- and extraordinary manoeuvres to gain him Liberal preselection, Mr Meers seemed to have polled too poorly to beat Labor MLA Alan Stewart when counting closed for the night.

"In a desperate last-minute effort to win the seaside seat, Mr Meers yesterday hired a light

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