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Graham Richardson.   Several ministers were present and others sent their apologies.   

        Wran made the speech of a conqueringh hero.   He mentioned each of our electorates in turn, seeming to me to give Manly a special mention.   He said that I was going to win and, for the first time, I really felt like a winner.   The crowd was euphoric, excited by the heady prospect of victory.   All kinds of people were mixing together, friends and relations, workers and businessmen, academics and pensioners, even some dissident members of the Liberal Party.

        After the meal I was surrounded by well-wishers.   Some gave good natured advice, others just smiled and shook my hand.   John Coombs, an old friend and a prominent Queen's Counsel, was close to tears:

        "Alan, I would love nothing more than to see you win", he said, "but Labor just never wins a seat in Manly-Warringah."

        I shook my head:   "You could be wrong this time.   We have good information that indicates that we are going to win Manly."

        Coombs grabbed my shoulder:   "You may know more than I do --I hope I am wrong."

        A group of slightly drunk teachers approached me.   They demanded to know my attitude to co-education.   Somewhat diffedently, I replied that I thought it was a good thing.   Did I realise how important an issue it  

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