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being built in Newcastle. It was supposed to be delivered in August, just before the election was due.

Soon after Wran had announced that the ferry would be built, John Morrison drew up a comprehensive public relations program which set out a month by month activities leading up to the delivery date. Morrison and I had a long conference with Cox's research officer, at the end of which he agreed that our concept was sound and one which he would recommend to the minister. However, despite repeated requests to the Department of Transport, we had very little success in getting the program implemented.

The ferry replacement project was to cost tens of millions of dollars, but the bureaucrats were apparently unwilling to spend a few thousand dollars on its promotion. Our suggestions had included displays of drawings and models at the wharf, publication of an information booklet, and the commissioning of a short film on the ferries. While these promotions would have had obvious political motiviations, they could have been justified on a purely commercial basis -- money spent on good advertising would be a sound business investment. As Morrison put it:

"Ideally the in-service launch day will be held prior to the next election in an atmosphere of public acknowledgement of the achievement of the local member for his constituents.

"However the publicity will have a dual

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