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now on.

        I refused to discuss the redistribution with him: and ignored his dire warnings about the sub-marginal nature of the seat.   He told me that he would be standing for the position of secretary of the SEC, the body which was responsible for running the ALP's campaign for Manly.   As secretary, he was in control of official party communications.

        After this confrontation, it was apparent that I had no alternative but to try and organise the numbers against Randall, to make sure that he was not re-elected to this imortant position.

        A few weeks later, at the annual general meeting, Randall was soundly defeated by a combination of votes from the left in Manly Branch and from the right in Harbord Branch.   I took no joy from this rather brutal victory, but it was necessary for my own political survival. Somehow, I had to create an efficient campaign machine which could effectively operate against the entrenched conservative establishment.

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