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The speech and the lunch were enjoyed by most of the traders. They stayed on drinking long after the Premier had departed. In their cups, a few declared that they were committed Liberals, totally opposed to any socialist interference in their affairs. Nevertheless, the millions that the Wran Government was pouring into Manly were most welcome.

Meanwhile, Wran was rining Peter Cox to tell him about the new hydrofoil. "See what you can do about it," he told the astonished minister.

The propoganda war raged on. The policy committee recommended the publication of an electorate newsletter, to supplement the press releases which we were able to get into the  Daily, and to carry my banner until the official election campaign started.

It would be a "soft sell", with stories about activities in the electorate reinforcing the concept of the local MP working for his constituents. Each of the major election issues would be covered, with pictures and text presented in a journalistic style which was less blatant than the usual election pamphlets.

A name for the newsletter occurred to me as I was running on the beach one morning. It seemed unfair that Meers could just move into the electorate and take over as if he were one of the natives. The beach was my territory. He was a blow-in who wanted to exploit the

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