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campaigns, through thick and thin for five hectic years. I had been happy to leave many of the tasks to him, relying on his strength and integrity. But our mutual trust had been unstated.  

It seemed that a reticence to explain our problems had led to a lack of communication. I had been going through a period of personal doubt, which I had tried to hide; and Bob had begun to harbour misgivings about my performance and motivation in politics.

Bob was too good a friend and comrade to lose. Over a bottle of Henschke Riesling, we agreed that he would continue to be my manager. Henceforth, he would make any criticism directly to me. We had to soldier on together, and try to be frank with each other. I did not tell him about the chimps.

At 7pm on Monday 25 July I was getting myself a hasty snack before returning to my office in Manly to chair a meeting. I had been out late the night before and the prospect of yet another meeting was not inviting. The phone in dining room rang. I put down my cup of coffee and answered it, wondering which constituent was after me now.

It was my academic supervisor:

"Oh hello George, how are you?"

"Not good. I've just been told that the Post Graduate Studies Committee has resolved not to award

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