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weatherboard dwelling, nestled in between factories and shops. Nevertheless, I decided not to take up Stolz's offer of an inspection of the interior. An MP had to be careful.

I made some confidential inquiries with a senior police inspector, who was renowned for his probity, and whom I had decided to trust. He confirmed the substance of the story that Stolz had told me. An internal police investigation was pending, although nothing had been made public.

I did not receive the statutory declaration from Stolz. He did not call me again.

Some weeks afterwards, Stolz was arrested by local police and charged with living off the proceeds of prostitution. The Green Cottage closed down, but advertisements offering "massage" at other local addresses continued to appear in the  Daily.


One of the cinemas in Manly that I attended in my youth stood opposite the oval in Belgrave street. It was then called the "New Manly", and had shown epics staring  Erol Flynn, Yvonne de Carlo, James Mason, Jean Symonds, and many other figures from the phantasy world of the silver screen. Time passed and we became adults. Sadly, with the advent of television, our local cinemas had fallen on hard times.

The "New Manly", after languishing for years, had

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