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        We arranged for the survey to be conducted over a weekend, ten days hence.   In the meantime, we had to recruit about twenty people to conduct interviews.

        The results would be analysed by a computer and the interpreted trends could then be applied to a marketing strategy, persuading people to choose a product.   In this case, the product was me.

        I would be packaged, labelled, advertised and sold--just like soap.   Initially I would be wrapped in a light grey suit, and labelled as an educated professional.   But the form and substance of this product, as with Lux, might be adjusted according to the whims of the potential customers.   A new formula could be devised to cater for the demands of the market.

        Driving back down Parramatta Road, in Fairburn's ancient Mazda, whe were halted in the heavy traffic.   My eye was caught by a group of pretty girls on the footpath nearby.   Fairburn noticed the interest:

        "Now that you're a public figure, that will have to stop," he cautioned with a chuckle.

        I swung my eyes away from temptation and mused on what else might now be forbidden to me.

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