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that, in my excited state, I was not fit to drive myself.

        We set off in the Power family Volvo.   At each booth Rod would double park and I would jump out to greet the workers.   Standing beside them for a few minutes, I handed out some of our how-to-votes, smiled at the voters as they brushed past, and nodded to the Liberal and Democrat workers.

        There were reports of George Ashley touring around the booths but I did not encounter him.   The other two candidates, McGruer and Dorney, seemed to spend most of their time at Manly School.

        Everyone was friendly and the weather had improved. The sun dried the streets and lifted our spirits.   A carnival atmosphere prevailed outside the booths as the first rush subsided and the rival workers settled into   good natured banter.

        It was hard to believe that the fate of the Government, and indeed my own fate, could be described in such a casual way.

        Calling at each booth in turn was time consuming and it was well into the afternoon before we turned back towards Harbord.   At Harbord West, a few Labor and Liberal workers waited for voters outside the small Baptist Church booth. As the Volvo stopped a battered Ford Falcon swerved in behind us.   Its driver was Douglas Darby, the retiring Member for Manly.   He clambered out and    thrust a white envelope into my  

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