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been circulated and discussed within the departments. It could not be suppressed but perhaps we could get some modifications inserted. The Policy Committee recommended that I move quickly.

     John Morrison presented us with a paper, outlining the questions which needed to be addressed:

      €œ- Does tourism render economic a number of           community services and facilities which the local population alone may be unable to support?

      €œ- Can it be argued that tourist dollar is the very lifeblood needed to revitalise Manly?

      €œ- But is tourism a stimulus for changes which permanent residents may not want?

      €œ- And are there costs and benefits of tourism spread equitably across the community?

      €œ- Can we identify the losers and beneficiaries of tourism?... €œ

I rang Faye Williams to discuss how we could get a desirable revision of the report. She referred me on to a senior officer in the Premier's Department who dealt with sensitive policy issues. Rod Power and I went in to the State Office Block to meet him. We found a bespectacled, cheerful man called Ron Watters, who led us down several floors to a small converence room, away from the main offices.

      €œThey can't find me here, €œ Watters explained. Undisturbed, we dissected the draft report, clause



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