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waiting for the reprimand.

"Why are you stirring things up by holding a public meeting?"

"To try and clarify the situation."

"Well, this project was announced by the Premier and it is important for the Government. We want to encourage this kind of investment. Do you understand that?" -- Faye was doing her best to sound annoyed.

"Yes Faye, I understand." -- I tried to sound chastened.

We went ahead with the meeting anyway. Kevin Grimm had set up a speakers platform in the shade of a giant fig tree, beside the ancient cannon from the "Sirius". He had hired a public address system for the afternoon. There was a good crowd of drinkers enjoying the warm afternoon in the open air.

I began proceedings by calling for a representative of the Joint Coal Board to take the microphone. Nobody came forwards. Two of the project architects were in the audience but they had been told to remain silent. The President of the Institute of Architects, and an officer of the National Trust then spoke. Both supported the preservation of the hotel. I thanked them and closed the meeting by urging the patrons to sign a petition which was being circulated.

The petition, to be presented to Parliament by me, was intended to maintain enthusiasm. It read:

Current Status: