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about the Frazer Government's ethnic policies, without really saying anything of substance. Anderson was even briefer, telling the crowd that Italians were recognised as important members of the community in the Shire; and finishing with a few words of greeting in memorised Italian.   Then the compere called me up as the representative of Neville Wran (whose name got a cheer).

        I stood at the microphone, almost blinded by bright lights, but conscious of all the people out in the darkness in front of me, who were watching and waiting for my words.

      I took the speech out of my pocket, opened it at the first page, took a deep breath and started to read it out.   I tried to keep my voice low and not to hasten over the words; and also to look up occasionally at the invisible audience.   My words echoed back at me, amplified from somewhere up in the stand.   I tried not to listen; just to keep the words coming out:

        "Unfortunately Mr and Mrs Wran have not yet returned from their Overseas trip and they have asked me to apologise to you...Incidentally, they visited Italy during the past five days....I do want to assure you of the Premier's very great interest in ethnic groups such as yours.   He has taken ethnic affairs as his own responsibility....The Ethnic Affairs Commission has been established to advise and assist....the Community Interpreter

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