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MATER" T-shirts, who were handing out Meers' how-to-vote pamphlets.

As in the previous election, we found that it took a long time for the candidate to complete a circuit of all the booths in the electorate. This time my progress seemed even slower. More people recognised me and wanted to talk. Our people were in good spirits, although a little apprehensive about what last minute tricks Meers might pull. The local Liberal workers were friendly, greeting me as "Alan", and swapping good natured banter. Some of Meers' mercenaries were hostile, and the "Vote for Life" people screamed abuse, as if I was a child murderer.

It was well after lunch time before we called in to check with Donna in the Manly office, and found her questioning a tall man with shoulder length hair who wanted to help. She had thought he looked a bit odd and might be a plant. I assured her that he could be trusted -- in fact he was Bob Connell, Professor of Sociology at Macquarie. He was quickly despatched to help at a booth.

While I was still in the office another visitor arrived -- Graham Richardson, General Secretary of the ALP and Head Office strongman, who was "just passing by". He seemed impressed by our organisation, and murmured a few words of encouragement, before heading back to the city.

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