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into the Manly area in the near future."
The metropolitan press was a little less respectful. The Daily Telegraph's  Denise Ringrose wrote:

"Despite his success in winning Liberal preselection for Manly, Mr Meers has yet to prove he can survive in the harsh world of real politics.

"He has skilfully used his position as Lord Mayor to make himself instantly recognisable throughout Sydney.

"But the only thing mosst Manly voters would know about him is that he has a toothy smile...

"Mr Meers can take little comfort from the fact that it took all the cunning and influence of the party's headquarters and its revered one-time Premier Bob Askin to win Manly for him.

"He faces the difficult task of displacing the hard-working Labor MP, Alan Stewart, who won the seat in the Wranslide election in October 1978.

"Mr Wran, who has taken obvious delight in the Liberal wrangling over the Lord Mayor's move to enter Parliament, could be expected to work hard to bolster Mr Stewart."

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