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"I don't care what you did on campus but while you work for me you must dress and behave conservatively - -   we dont want to scare the voters.   And you had better learn to type."

        She was to be responsible only to me, not to the Government and certainly not to the local ALP.   As a team, it was our duty to hold the seat of Manly.   Hence she must support me as the local member, come what may.   She must promote my ideas, right or wrong, not her own.

        Donna agreed willingly to these conditions and gave me her undivided loyalty in the coming years.   She curbed her tongue in public:   speaking sweetly to little old ladies, in   educated tomes to visiting dignitaries, and respectfully to the Reverend David Cohen.   Nevertheless, she still directed profanity at me in private;   and she never did learn to type.

      The Speaker of the Legislative Assembly rang and introduced himself as Lawrie Kelly.   His broad Australian accent, and casual manner seemed rather incongruous for the holder of such a formal office.   He was the Member for Corrimal on the south coast, an accountant and an active lifesaver.

        He told me that my pay had started on the day of the election but it would take a little while for the computer to be adjusted. Could I wait three weeks or so for my first cheque? ...I estimated that my overdraft could tide me over until then.

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