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ALP had no account and I had to hand over my own cheque with the copy for each advertisement.

        Across the corridor from "Display Advertising", behind a glass partition, lurked the Editor.   One morning he pounced on me, brusquely ordering me into his office.   There were no pleasantries.   he bluntly spelt out the rules which would be enforced during the campaign.   All candidates were given fair treatment by the  Daily  - - that was beyond question.   There were to be no personal attacks, no violent criticisms.   The Labor Party must behave itself.   He would hold me responsible.

        Smarting from this undeserved chastisement, I agreed to supply him with some news releases which would ot offend.

      Another traditional method of conveying a candidate's message to the electorate is by letterboxing.   This material must be prepared and then delivered to a commercial printer.   Tom Webster and I had been offered a good deal by a Greek printer who lived at Narrabeen but had his works at Surrely Hills.   Hence the logistics required a number of hurried trips across the city, carrying urgently neeced drafts and proofs backwards and forewards: and finally collecting the heavy bundles of printed paper.   Other material had to be picked up in the city from Party Headquarters and their advertising agents.

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