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Then I sounded out the family:

"Of course, I won't win."

You have a good chance Dad," argued David, my fourteen year old son.   Such is the innocence of youth!   I cautioned him not to hold out such hopes.

"Should I try anyway?"

"Yeah, no worries."

        The next day I approached my supervisor at the University, George McKay.

         "Can I have six weeks off my project to run as a candidate in the State election?"

        "What chance have you got?"



        Soon after, the graffiti in the laboratory told the story:   "From kangaroo shit to bullshit!" was written near my desk.

        At the next meeting of the S.E.C. I announced my nomination for preselection after Gumbert formally declined.   A few days later Randall informed me that there was another nomination, from an English newcomer called Alan Stacey.   Hence there would have to be an election within the local party to chose one of us.

        We each had to attend a meeting of the branches and deliver a spiel to introduce ourselves as candidate

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