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at Bondi and Malabar, served the southern suburbs.

This was a period when public awareness of the environmental issues was increasing. People began to demand measures to combat pollution.

In response to complaints about beach pollution, the Askin Government, through the Water Board, commissioned an extensive study of the alternatives for improving sewage treatment at the outfalls. Overseas experience was investigated, international consultants engaged, and a mass of information analysed. The Wran Government continued the study, which was completed in 1979. The experts had produced a plan for extending the outfalls, with long tunnels under the ocean floor which would carry the effluent several kilometres beyond the cliffs into deep water. Estimated cost for the three outfalls in 1979 was $100 million, with at least eight years required for construction. In the meantime, new automated incinerators and a "high rate primary treatment plant" would be built at North Head.

An environmental impact statement, showing details of the North Head scheme was put on exhibition in Manly Library for public comment. There was very little reaction -- I received no phone calls or letters from constituents about the proposal. Manly Council resovled to support the concept and to press the Government to provide extra funding to expedite construction.

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