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On Friday, the last day of the campaign, Wran arrived at 11 am to open the Freshwater High School. The former Manly Girls High has been converted to co-education and more than $1 million had been spent on renovations and additions. A referendum among students, parents and staff had overwhelmingly chosen the new name "Freshwater". Wran spoke about the importance of education in our changing world. I said that I was glad that all three of my daughters had attended the school, and that it was good that the school was now named after the famous beach. David Hay was also on the platform but he did not speak.

As Wran walked out to his car, he wished Tom Webster and me good luck. "Bring home the bacon, boys," he said as we parted.

I had challenged Hay to a lunch time debate in the Corso amphitheatre. It was the same tactic that Meers had used against me. Hay declined, saying that he had important business elsewhere. This was consistent with his policy of running a low-key, negative campaign; relying on the tide that was running against the Government. We were aware of a whispering campaign which passed on the message: "We are sorry about Alan Stewart -- but we can't vote for him because of the corruption in the Wran Government."

We went ahead with the meeting in the Corso without Hay -- relying on people planted in the crowd to

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