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entertained male clients in "high class surroundings".

Stolz complained that the business was under pressure to close:

"You people made it legal", he said.

"Well, not exactly", I replied, "prostitution itself is now legal, but using a massage parlour for prostitution is still against the law."

"The Green Cottage is not a massage parlour. It's just a straight, old fashioned  brothel."

I tried another tack:

"Perhaps there is a zoning problem. The neighbours may have complained about the disturbance-- noise, parking problems and the like."

"My lady runs a nice quiet place off-street parking. Anyways, it's in an industrial zone and a  brothel is an industry."

According to Stolz, the real pressure was coming from corrupt police, who wanted to close down the competition with their own establishments. He alleged that certain local detectives had visited the Green Cottage on several occasions and harassed the women.

I asked him to send me a statutory declaration giving details of these allegations.  There was a possibility that he was trying to implicate me, and it was safer to get a signed statement from him.

That evening I drove slowly past the Green Cottage. It seemed neat and peaceful--a respectable

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