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thereafter always sprang to the defence of the underprivileged...Elsie was an intensely political person, not in the sense of seeking advantages for herself through politics, but in using politics to serve   the causes in which she believed.......

        "She was inspired by the achievements of the Soviet Union and retained, to the end her faith in a socialist future for humanity which she believed was a necessary condition for world peace and social justice.....

        "Her personal life was not an easy one.   There were strains and tensions and personal sacrifices but it was a truly dedicated life....."

        The sade, ageing comrade were united in mourning there dead.   Some classical music was played from an unknown source, and the coffin slid away out of our sight towards the waiting furnace.

        Did agnostic Tories and atheistic Marxists have the same ultimate destination, I wondered.   What would a Jesuit say?

         The conservatives were waiting for me back in the electorate.   After the initial shock of a Labor victory, they had quickly decided to exploit the novel situation of having a representative of the Wran Government in their midst.

        Both Manly and Warringah councils wanted to talk

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