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the door.   Somebody was home at the third house.   The door was opened by a stout lady with her hair in rollers.   Over her shoulder, the television poured out a soap opera.   I raised my voice over the noise:

        "I'm Alan Stewart, candidate for Manly in the election...."

        She waved her hand.

        "We all vote Labor here!"

        And the door slammed shut.   I dropped one of my cards on the step and retreated in some confusion.   Did she think I was a Liberal?

         After this, a card always pushed into unsuspecting hands before I began my spiel.   The card bore my photo beside Wran's and the slogan "Your voice for Manly in the Wran Government."

        As the afternoon wore on, my confidence increased.   Most people took the card, many smiled when they saw Wran's photo.   One elderly man congratulated me on my courage in standing for Labor, but confided:

        "Of course we can never win here."

         When the sun went down, I rejoined my companions at the car.   They had similar stories to tell.   Willie had encountered a group of young surfies who had chanted "Wran's Our Man, Yeah, Yeah!"   Rod had renewed old contacts and had made notes about several issues I should follow up.

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