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disrupted by verbal clashes between these two stalwarts.

        SEC meetings were held in the cramped confines of Randall's kitchen.   He lived alone, behind a shop on the flat of Manly.   Beyond the kitchen, the rooms were stacked to the ceiling with bundles of newspapers, all carefully filed away for future reference.   A clerk in the Taxation Department; he once told me that the interest in his job lay with the principle of redistributing wealth.

        One night Randall phoned me.   The Party was still looking for a candidate for Manly and Frank Harvey had suggested that I might be available:

        "Well, I suppose I could take a week or two off uni....It would be an interesting experience but let me think for a while."

        Being a candidate would be exciting, but the ensuing defeat might be painful. First of all, whose toes might I be treading on in seeking nomination?   Frank Harvey was consulted:

        "Will Gumbert run?"

         "He is saying that he won't."

        "What about you, Frank?"

        "No.   I have too many commitments."

        "If  I have a go, will  you support me?"


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