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the will of the Electorate.

        But this time I was locked out.   There was nothing for me to do but wait.

         Suddenly my enthusiasm had waned: the adrenalin which had carried me through the day had been expended.   All I wanted was to get home and to rest.   Nevertheless, there was no respite there.   The place was starting to fill with people who were anxious to relate tales of the battle.   I clutched a can of beer and tried to look grateful for their efforts.

        The first few results came in from some of the smaller booths and Rod and I sat near the phone taking down the figures and trying to make sense out of them.   I attempted to punch the numbers into a pocket calculator but somehow my fingers could not hit the correct keys.   George McKay pushed me aside and took over the task.   He started to calculate the percentages and swings from the last election.   However, there was still not enough data to discern a significant trend.

        The house was now full of excited people.   Someone shouted for silence as the seven o'clock ABC television news came on.

        We all wanted to know how the election had gone across the State.   I pushed forward but the screen at the other side of the packed living room was obscured.

        Above the general din, I caught a few words from the announcer:

        "There has been a big swing to the Wran Government

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