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and made a short speech, thanking everybody for their magnificent support, stressing that it was a victory for all the ordinary people of Manly.

        Marc Gumbert made a longer speech, outlining the events which had led up to this historic triumph.   Peter Randall wanted to explain the voting trend to me.   A number of ladies wanted to kiss me.   I just wanted    to sit back and watch all these happy people enjoy themselves.   Friends, relations, neighbours: old acquaintances and new supporters:   All were there celebrating an achievement which, only a few weeks before, none of us had thought possible.

        Then came the call we had hoped for.   The Premier was on the line.   He congratulated me on winning Manly, a prize which he greatly valued.   I thanked him and said that most of the credit was due to him.   He chuckled and said he looked forward to seeing me in caucus.

        The party continued on late into the night.   It was after three when I finally feel into bed.

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