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        In the previous parliament Landa had been the only minister in the Upper House and faced a hostile majority which tried to frustrate government business.   He then had to speak and answer questions on behalf of all the other ministers who were in the Lower House.

        On Wran's nomination, Landa was re-elected unopposed as Leader of the Government in the Legislative Council and as a minister in the cabinet.

        Wran told us that there should be another minister in the Upper House, requiring enlargement of cabinet from seventeen to eighteen.   He wanted jack Hallam to be the new minister to assist Landa.

        Obediently, caucus elected Hallam without debate or dissent.   Hallam was a young new member of the Legislative Council (MLC) , with a background of rice-growing.   He had been a country organiser for the Party and had the favour of the right-wing machine.   He was given the job.

        The caucus returning officer was Michael Maher, a tall, gentle Irish-Australian who was known as the "Cardinal" because of his clerical manner and genuine piety.   He had earned respect and love in his electorate of Drummoyne, and in the rought and tumble of politics his probity was beyond question.   He now took over control of the secret ballot which would fill the remaining fourteen positions in cabinet.

        Maher read out a list of the caucus members.   As  

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