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ensure that only acredited delegates were allowed to enter. Wran would address the delegates on the Saturday, as he had done at every conference since he had become leader in NSW. Bill Hayden, now Foreign Minister, would speak on Monday.

That Saturday morning, I went for an early morning run on the beach, alone. Jogging along in the wet sand, with the spent waves splashing my bare feet, the political world seemed alien, and perhaps irrelevant. I would not go to the Town Hall today, I would go to the zoo and observe the behaviour of a different species.

Taronga Zoo has had a colony of chimpanzees for many years. Chimps are always a great attraction in zoos because, of all the animal kingdom, they most resemble our own kind. Traditionaly they were displayed in small concrete and steel "houses", which contained furniture and other human artefacts. This anthropomorphic role amused the crowds of visitors, but did nothing to protect the integrity of the chimps. They were constantly on view as living puppets. Their keepers found that they tended to be neurotic and sometimes savage.

Ethology, the study of animal behaviour under natural conditions, began to give insights into the biological basis of socialization. Jane Goodall, a young English ethologist spent years in Tanzania, patiently observing a sophisticated free-ranging

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