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to the electorate and to protect him from the local Libs.   Dont let them   take any credit.   And tell Alan to stay beside the Premier all the time."

        Taking my duties seriously, I ensured that Willie and I arrived at the gallery a full half hour before the time appointed for the Premier's arrival.   We arrived unobtrusively, and it was some minutes before our presence was noticed by the assembled blue-rinse set.   They did not hasten to welcome us.

      A formidable matron tackled Willie.   She did not bother with social niceties, and made our outsider status clear from the start:

        "Mrs Stewart, you have not joined our committee and would    not    know of our work here.   Mrs Darby was very active in helping the committee--she worked tirelessly for our cause for many years.   What can we expect from you?"

        Willie was not prepared for this onslaught.   Her face showed horror at the thought of being involved with such a group.   She stepped back and murmured some excuses.   She was busy with a career and five kids; she would need time to sort out her new commitments as the wife of the local member; her time would have to be carefully allocated.

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