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but microphones were relaying my voice throughout the building, and the diligent Hansard reporters would write down every word for prosperity.

         Both sides of the House treat a maiden speaker with courtesy, and without interjection.

         By tradition, the new member makes mention of the previous members for the seat, and describes the needs of the electorate.   I paid tribute to Douglas Darby:

         "HIs street- corner speeches impressed upon me as a child the drama of politics."

         Then I painted a picture of Manly:

         "Situated on a peninsular, it is bounded by the waters of Sydney Harbour and the Pacific Ocean. This aquatic environment provides tremendous advantages for its population, but also poses a number of problems.....Conservation and tourism are related issues in this unique community.   Through the enlightened policies of the Labor Government, I hope to see Manly regain its place as a premier tourist resort, while retaining a natural environment for its residents."

         I went on to outline my ideas on applying insights from the natural sciences to politics; mentioned some of the provisions of the bill which we were debating; and gave an example of what could be achieved on the coast in my own electorate--The State Government's restoration of the beach at Harbord.

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