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Taiwan. Donna threw it into the wastepaper bin.

        Landa had advised me to set up an office in a prominent position, "Where everybody can see your signs."   My most urgent task was to establish a physical presence in the electorate--to let people see that I was working there and that I was available to talk to them.   The location of Darby's office had been almost a secret.   His style was to present a moving target: Seen everywhere but never pinned down.

        I was determined to set up a base which would be accessible, where I could be found at known times.   I wanted to get a reputation for staying on the job in the electorate, not going off to places like Taiwan.

        We started going around the real estate agents, looking for a new site for the office.   After a few dayhs I was contacted by Allan Robey, the principal of Robey, Hanson and Strong, the oldest and most respected agents in Manly.   He had some space above the firm's own office in the Corso which might suit me.   We went and had a look.

      It was right in the middle of the new Corso plaza, which was intended to be the equivalent of the village market place.   A long flight of stairs led up to a large room which overlooked the plaza.   I could see my constituents passing below as I sat at my desk.   There was a kitchen, a bathroom, and a back workroom which opened onto a concrete deck.   We decided to take the  

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