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the Australia Free China Society.

        McClelland was introduced and asked to speak on behalf of the Whitlam Government.   The crowd was impassive.   Some were curious, some cynical.   Why would a Federal Labor government be concerned about a Liberal stronghold like Manly?   The Whitlam Government was throwing money around, but surely it had no hope of buying votes here.

        "Diamond Jim" stepped forward.   He had taken off his jacket and tie to suit the informality of the occasion but he retained his elegant demeanour.   In short, authoritative phrases, he assured the people of Manly that Federal money would be available to build new ferries: but only . . . he shook his finger   . . . only if the State government would accept some responsibility by taking over the ferry service from private enterprise, which was about the scrap the fleet.

        Brambles Industries had bought the ferry company because an off-shore oil-rig service was included.   The Manly ferries were not considered an economic proposition by them.

        The Senator's voice hardened:

        "Why should Federal funds go to prop up a prosperous company like Brambles?   If the State Government takes over the Manly ferries, it will be entitled to ask to its share of funding for


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