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Eleven: Representing the Premier

"I am the undertow

Washing tides of power

Battering the pillars

Under your things of high law."

-- Carl Sandburg.

Sunday morning brought no change of mood. I still felt disillusioned with my role in politics. After more than a year of full-time campaigning, I was mentally and physically exhausted.

There was more trauma to come: in the light of the narrow margin in the previous night's results, my future was still uncertain. It would be several days before the count of votes was complete, and preferences distributed; and then there could be a recount and disputes about doubtful ballot papers.

If the counting turned against me, the mortgage payments would still have to be made, and I would need to find a job quickly. If I was returned as the Member for Manly, work would have to start almost immediately on campaigning for the next election, where every vote would count. It would be three more years of hard work, with a very uncertain outcome.

My real ambition was to be a biologist. I made a firm resolution to myself: if elected, whilst satisfying the obligation to serve the people of Manly, I would also endeavour to maintain a toe-hold in my

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