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talked about the national park and the sewage outfall. The camera swung out to sea, to zoom in on the "Goodrill", a special survey ship, which happened to be drilling the first exploratory holes for the submarine tunnel project.

Unlike Meers, I had made no arrangements to plant people for a filmed Corso walk. With Murphy and his camera crew following, I set off through the Plaza, hoping to find someone who knew me amid the throngs of people who were enjoying the early Spring sunshine. A couple of friendly looking women looked surprised when I approached and greeted them on camera. They explained that they were visitors from Parramatta, and apologized for not knowing who I was.

Gary "The Chess Man", a Canadian who was employed by the Council to perform exhibition matches, was at his table under a giant fig tree. He was playing several opponents simultaneously, surrounded by onlookers. I had met him on one occasion, but had no idea of his politics. The camerman started to film the scene. I pushed forward and waved to Gary. He saw me and abandoned the table for a moment. Looking straight into the lens, he greeted me warmly and announced that he thought that I was doing a great job.

We set off again towards the wharf. Coming the other way was a woman who was familiar. It was the middle-aged hippy who had asked awkward questions

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