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about the interactions of  Macropus giganteus, and concentrate entirely on those of  Homo sapiens.

Strangely, I felt a sense of loss. The long hours devoted to the esoteric research on kangaroos had somehow been complementary to the even longer hours spent on the servicing the electorate. In one compartment of my mind, the thoughts had been focused towards a narrow academic subject. In another compartment, they covered the broad field of practical politics. Now there was a void on one side -- the balance between my interests seemed to have gone.

The NSW ALP traditionally holds its annual conference on the long weekend in June. Delegates from the Party branches and affiliated unions spend three days debating policy issues in the Sydney Town Hall. This great old chamber has seen many a political row over the years. Much of the time of the conference is devoted to verbal infighting, with personalities from rival factions hurling insults at each other.

The Right Wing holds firmly to a majority, rigidly controlling the votes of its delegates. This power is used ruthlessly to crush and move which has not been the subject of a deal behind closed doors. Almost always denied the numbers on important issues, the Left vents its frustration in abuse. An observer might wonder why such bitter enemies remain in the same  

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