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confident of getting most of his ticket elected to the ministry, and he would put me on the ticket. But the ticket had to be kept under wraps until caucus met.

The caucus was due to meet on the September 30. The night before, I attended a meeting of the Second Manly Scout Troop, to present them with a State flag. Returning home at about 9pm, I had just settled into a comfortable chair with a cup of coffee when the phone rang.  

It was Wran: "I've heard that you are running for cabinet tomorrow -- What kind of chance do you have?" After a moment's hesitation, I replied, "Not much of one, but I just want to stake a claim."

The Premier's voice become more gravelly: "It would be better if you waited until next time... There could be something in a couple of years."

In my own mind, although I could not admit it, I knew that there would probably not be a next time. Any casual vacancies which might occur would already be spoken for, and there would not be another "spill" of all the cabinet positions until after the next general election. For me, it was now or never.

"I understand that it will be difficult," I told him, "but I still want run."

Wran sighed, and wished me luck. It was the first time that I had disobeyed him.  

The poll in Manly had still not been declared,

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