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        Already there were murmurs that development and conservation could not be reconciled; that the greenies did not care about jobs for the workers.   I needed to tread a narrow path between the extremes on both sides.

        Following Landa's advice, I consulted the Premier's office about what might be achieved by a deputation.

        Faye Williams, Wran's senior research officer was approachable and understanding.   Perhaps the Premier could set up a tourist task force to allay some of the fears.   It could investigate the pros and cons of tourism in Manly, and make realistic recommendations to the Government, which would be seen to be concerned.   The   Government would be spending a lot of mony in Manly, and it was important that the electorate knew where it was coming from.   Wran intended to come to Manly in the near future to make some major announcements.

        As wel as urging construction of new ferries, I should ask the Premier to investigate tourism development   in my electorate, and to come and see things for himself.

        Yes, the Premier would be happy to receive a deputation from the Manly Chamber of Commerce, arranged and lead by their local member.

        The day before we were due to meet the Premier, Joan Thorburn asked herself along.

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