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sit on the church steps. With Sunday trading, parishioners leaving the late morning service could be confronted by these offensive individuals.

Feeling a little impatient with the continuing argument, I wrote back to him in a sarcastic tone: noting the interest in "these unfortunate people" (the drunks) and suggesting that he might be prepared to offer them the traditional sanctuary of the church.

To my surprise, there was a positive response from David Cohen. He came to my office full of ideas for setting up a refuge for alcoholics and drug addicts. They could not be accommodated in the church itself, but there was a loft over the adjacent church hall which might be utilised. The parish would start planning the project at once.

In due course, the Plaza Hotel was granted a licence to trade on Sundays, and a refuge was established on the other side of the Corso by the Anglican parish. Neither side had given way; although perhaps there was now a little more tolerance shown between worshipers and imbibers.

The drunks were guided away from the front door of the church, towards the discreet entrance of the hall at the rear, where they were offered shelter.

The Reverend Cohen continued to criticise what he saw as the Wran  Government's permissive policies but relations between the two of us were now

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