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         By the time we reached Dee Why Information Centre, Landa was showing signs of strain.   His voice was harsher, his brow more furrowed.   We were given a warm welcome by the party workers who had laid out afternoon tea on tables outside the shop.   Landa disappeared inside to make some urgent phone calls.   When he emerged, he told me that he did not wish to continue with the rest of the afternoon's program in Manly - he needed a rest.

        We hastily contacted Manly Council to tell them that the scheduled inspections of the Corso, parking facilities and the wharf had been cancelled because "the minister had been unexpectedly called away."   Landa would still attend the dinner that night.

        I privately suggested that the minister could relax quietly at our home for a few hours before going on to the dinner but he declined, explaining that he wanted to visit some relatives.   He would see me at the dinner.

        Gladdy drove me home as the rain started again.   At her suggestion, I went to bed for a couple of hours but the adrenalin must have still been active and the day's events kept turning over in my mind.

        Then it was time to go.   Gladdy was calm and reassuring as she drove through now torrential rain to the Hotel Manly.   I waited for the Minister in the foyer, waving to familiar faces as people arrived for the dinner.  

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