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behaviour.   Being representatives of their electorates, the legislators have to take public opinion into account but they should use their own judgemet, and finally be bound by their own principles.   When elected to be Manly's representative in the parlilament of N.S.W., I would listen to representations from my constituents, and then try to judge whether proposed legislation was well intentioned and effective.   Whatever the intention, the law is pointless if it cannot be administered or enforced.

      Prostitution and homosexuality were established aspects of human behaviour.   The law had not been effective in controlling this kind of activity.   Indeed, disrespect for the existing law had led to corruption and victimisation.

      The law of the State is not the only influence on the mores of our society.   The Church also has a role to play.   I looked hard into the eyes of the Reverend Cohen and reminded him of the Gospel:

        "Render unot Caesar the things that are Caesar's, and to God the things that are God's."

        This discourse had taken some time and manyh people had walked past without taking my pamphlets.   We agreed to adjourn to a later date, when there would be more time to explore these weighty issues.   Cohen returned to his church and I got on with the    

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