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who had complained.

Something seemed to snap in Danielson's mind. He jumped to his feet, still pointing his finger:

"Well listen," he hissed in a stage whisper, "you'd better stay in parliament and stop interfering in my business."

He turned on his heel and strode dramatically out of the office.

Donna came in, grinning. "Wow! What kind of an act was that?" she asked, dropping into the chair which Danielson had just vacated. "A bit of melodrama", I replied, laughing, "but he spoiled it at the end by overacting."

A few months later Danielson was forced to close "The Flicks" by his creditors. They would not continue to provide finance for his existing operation, let alone his grandiose plans for development of the theatre. Danielson left town, reputedly leaving behind a number of bad debts. The abandoned theatre was eventually demolished to make way for a shopping arcade.

The next year a reign of terror was waged against Woolworths stores. An extortionist was planting bombs in them, and demanding huge sums of money. Some of the bombs went off. Fortunately nobody was seriously hurt.

The final blast was at Woolworths head office in George Street, opposite Sydney Town Hall. The police

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