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him. After the distribution of preferences, the final figures were: Stewart, 14 600 ; Meers, 13 891. This meant that Meers had achieved a swing of approximately 1.8%. We calculated that each additional Liberal vote had cost the Tooth Fairy at least $160.

The strategem of the "vote for life" candidacy had not worked for Meers. Patty Langworthy, with top position on the ballot paper,   had gained 4.4% of the vote. However, after her preferences were distributed, I had gained another 31 votes over Meers.

The ALP seemed to have won an extra 6 seats, to give it 69 seats out of a total of 99 in the Legislative Assembly. Only Blue Mountains, Bligh, and Manly were still in doubt. With several of the older members retiring, there would be an influx of fresh faces on our side.

Many of the new Government members were regarded as favouring the Left faction in Caucus. I had still not been recruited by either faction, but I had still not been recruited by either faction, but I had found myself supporting the Left on most issues, particularly those involving the environment. Frank Walker, the heir apparent of the Left, had given me a great deal of help in combating Meers, without asking for any commitment in return. Nevertheless, I felt some obligation to support him and to accept his advice.

In Manly, my own people were pushing me to run for Cabinet. Now that I had beaten the Tooth Fairy, they felt that I had won my spurs and should be

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