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        "I'm affwaid you will have to be last speaker--but then you can sum up."

         Darby resumed his speech, which lasted for another half an hour; giving a convoluted exposition of preparations for the coming battle of liberation.   The mighty Nationalist army would soon cross the straights of Formosa and rescue the many millions who were enslaved by Mao.   The Chinese would then be free to practice democracy and free enterprise.

         The next speaker was W.C.(Bill) Wentworth III, scion of a famous tory dynasty, and formerly a minister in the Menzies government.   Despite his reputation for militant anti-communist, Wentworth seemed half-hearted in supporting the plan for an invasion of China.   He spoke in generalities, warning us about the red menace but being careful to avoid any specific commitment to a call to arms.

         The next item on the agenda was a presentation to the young "exchange student" from Taiwan.   He stood rigidly to attention while a medal was pinned on his breast by Sir Colin Hynes, State President of the RSL.   Sir Colin solemnly read out a citation, discribing the valiant deeds of this brave 'freedom fighter' in defending Taiwan.

        At long last it was my turn; I said what an interesting evening it had been; how I looked forward to visiting Taiwan some day (but unfortunately not in the near future); that we should all get to know and

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