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used by politicians during campaigns, at least since my childhood (I had often seen Darby standing there).   Cohen listened and seemed impressed by this argument:   and apologized for not knowing of this local custom.

        He was a relative newcomer, having taken up his appointment in Manly since the last election. His predecessor as rector had been notable for asking his congregation to pray for the removal of the socialist Federal Treasurer Dr Jim Cairns, and having these prayers apparently answered when he sacked Cairns.

        Cohen now accepted that I had a right to stay on the spot, but retorted by subjecting me to an interrogation on various moral issues--as shoppers walked past us.

        He clearly regarded the Wran Government as being soft on gambling, prostitution and drug trafficing.   (Did he know about Sir Robert Askin, a nominal member of his congregation   , I wondered to myself.)

        I responded by giving my view of the   legislator.   The law is one method by which society attempts to control the behaviour of its members.   To have the desired effect, legislation must be enacted and    then enforced.   Members of parliament, as legislators, are responsible for voting on bills which can change the law in respect of some aspect of  

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