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about profits.   He cared about racial discrimination, having suffered the disadvantages of being brought up in a poor Jewish family.   Drug abuse was a difficult and sensitive political issue, but his personal opinion was that all drugs, even herion, should be legalised.   Any effort to control their use was ineffectual and only lead to flourishing crime.   He even admitted to experimenting with marijuana   . . . "but not in this country."

        Face to face, among a sympathetic audience, the agression faded, but the ego was still evident.   Here was someone who knew what he wanted and was confident that he had the ability to achieve it.   He offered no reassurance, but he stimulated us to think about the issues he raised.

        Our next appointment was at Curl Curl.   As the car swung over the headland road, Landa gasped at the view--a wild sea pounding into the long beach below us, which curved away to the north.

        We drove along the length of the beach, to the bridge at the entrance of the lagoon.   This was the boundary of the electorate and Tom Webster was waiting to escort the minister on the next part of his tour, in Wakehurst.   The officials from Warringah were waiting again, this time with representatives of the local lagoon committee.   Our own party had now been joined by Rod Power, in his capacity as a Warringah Shire

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