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matter would not be swept under the carpet, thanks to Jack Ferguson and the effect of two bottles of scotch.  

After telling this anecdote, I thanked Ferguson for the important lessons that he had taught me, and sat down. Looking out into the roomful of people who had supported me in many ways over the last few years, I wondered again whether the game had been worthwhile.

To me, the single issue that could justify my political career had involved places and events that were far removed from my own electorate. Later that night I thought about the rest of the rainforest story...

Once it had been decided that a party of backbenchers would visit Terania, it became obvious that the Forestry Commission and the sawmillers would try to take control. They would "help" us to see the forest, by arranging transport and a suitable itinerary. The caucus had simply authorized individual members to visit the site and report back. No committee had been formed, but as the mover of motion, I accepted responsibility for the details of the trip.

There was a danger of us being "snowed" by the Forestry Commission, who regarded themselves as the only authorities on forests. We needed some independent experts. I rang Marilyn Fox.  

Marilyn had recently been appointed as an

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