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        He listened sympathetially to my tentative plans for "digging in", and assured me of his personal involvement in local events.   He would be a frequent visitor to Manly.

        Wran told me that holding the seat would not be an easy task.   He warned me that politics was a hard life, and put a particular strain on familiies:

        "Jillie is very much a political animal, but she flinches when she has to face some crowds," he confided.   

        Admitting my ignorance, I asked him about factions.   Could I keep out of them?   He smiled and looked out of the window,

        "Yes, perhaps you can keep away from them."

        So far, I had received advice but no orders.   Rather sheepishly, I told him that my only loyalty was to him...About the impending vote in caucus for the ministry:   How did he want me to vote?   Did he have a list of names?

        His gaze swung back at me, the smile gone.   He raised a restraining hand, "I never get involved in things like that," he said firmly.

        The next day   a verbal message from the left wing faction was delivered by an official of Manly ALP Branch.   Bob Quail, the big affable newcomer had been noticed giving me advice.   Did I know that he was a right winger, possibly a head office plant?   I confessed that such had not occured to me.

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