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      urban transport renewal.   But there has      been  no reply to our proposition!"

      "Bullshit!" yelled a drunk.   There were a few angry murmurs, a few guffaws.

        Then it was Neville Wran's turn.   Without his coat, his collar open, he had been transformed from a smart lawyer into the "Balmain Boy" who knew how to mix it in the rough and tumble of politics.   The crowd was interested.   Here was the new contender, clever and quick on his feet, who just might be a match for Bob Askin.

        Wran ridiculed Darby for telling the citizens of Manly that they were privileged to have private enterprise running the ferry service--when many would have to find alternative transport "strap-hanging or waiting in a queue to drive a car."

        The Askin Government had dithered about, examining various schemes for water transport.   Wran was clear about what was needed:

        "This major service on Sydney    Harbour requires a new fleet of double-ended ferries, similar to those now in service.   When My Government is elected, we will build that new fleet."

        He cocked his head to one side, in a characteristic, cheeky manner.

        "Good on yer Nifty!" encouraged the drunk.   Wran grinned back and was rewarded with a few cheers.

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