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with large illuminated signs and bunting.

The bishop seemed more hurt than angry. He was anxious to establish good relations with the civic authorities, in the spirit of promoting multi-cultural harmony.

I assured him that I could see nothing wrong with his coat of arms being displayed, and that he and his people were very welcome in my electorate. Unfortunately, signs were not within the responsibility  of the State Government. I was sure, however, that the Shire President would be sympathetic and I would take the matter up with him personally.

I rang Gavin Anderson and explained the problem, stressing that I thought it was important to maintain good relations with the bishop and his ethnic flock.

He listened patiently to my argument but it was to no avail. The Council staff were intransigent: the sign was contrary to the code and that was that. The elected Councilors accepted their advice. The demolition order was confirmed, and the sign was duly taken down from the flag poles.

The same sign was subsequently bolted flush to the front wall of the bishop's house, where it was just as visible but now complied with the technicalities of the relevant ordinance. In this matter, the bureaucrats had prevailed.

Current Status: